About Me

About Me:


Let me introduce myself before starting my story that how I become interested in starting Blogging. My Name Is Shahbaz, and I am a Computer Science Graduate. I belong to Nawab Shah, Pakistan But now I am living in Islamabad and doing the job in Standard Chartered Bank As Network And Desktop Engineer.

I was not interested in Computer and Internet before. Me and My older brother we both bought the computer for only playing games in 2007. After buying Computer, my brother become interested in learning other things about Computer and the Internet, so he started doing different Computer courses like Graphics Designing, Photo Editing, Animation Making, etc.

I always used to sit beside with my brother when he was operating the computer. I was excited to do different things as he is doing on the computer. So I just started following him I always note down the steps he takes and then I will do the same.

One day my brother’s friend told him about online earning. That earn money through the internet is possible, and many of people are doing it. So my brother started learning that how we can earn money through the internet.
After 2 or 3 months my brother started working online. He made a forum and started posting on it after one month he applied for Adsense and almost after three months he got his first check from Google of $203. He was so happy, and I was also, and that was the time when I decided that I have to choice Computer Science as my field. Because I had a dream, i always wanted to start my work rather than doing a Job. By knowing that, we can earn money online I just started thinking that I have to learn that how can we earn money through different ways.

How I Started Earning Money Online:

I was so young at that time; I had no idea about how to make blogs or website. So I just started searching how can we earn money by easy ways. So I become to know about PPC website. I found Probux and Neobux high paying site at that time. I started working on it, and almost after fours months, i got check out of $10. Hahaha, I know this is a tiny amount, but this checkout pushed me to move forward and learn more things.

After passing my Intermediate exams, I decided to learn Blogging in a detailed manner. I watched many online courses that how to make a blog, and after two months I learned to make a simple blog.

But that was not enough someone told me. Blogging is useless without doing SEO of your blog. “SEO.” Only three words when I heard this word the first time I thought this would be some trick I will learn it with no time.

But that only happened in my dream. SEO took my two years to learn it properly. In those two years, i made many blogs and websites, but I failed to become a successful blogger. But I never give up. Tried many times and in 2016 after watching Sir Amir Iqbal’s ( Sultan Of Multan ) SEO training, I got success I made an event website about Halloween and made it a Succesful website. I also earned Good amount from it.

Why I Started Com Tech?

As I am a Computer Science graduate, I have to much interest in Technology. I like to read about Upcoming and Current Technologies. So I thought to convert my interest into my passion I started Com Tech where I will share Technology News, Gadget News, Cars Reviews, Bikes Reviews And Mobile Phone News.