Android O : The Best Upcoming Android Mobile 2017

Android O

Android O

Apple gets all the attention, but Android remains the world’s biggest Operating system. You can find it everywhere, which means it absolutely must work on devices of every size, shape, and spec. But you can now use Android on the Google-OS that they open up all gadgets with the keyboard, trackpads, pens and who knows what it brings.

Google just released a few tidbits about the next version of Android which is probably be called as Android O (probably be known as Android Oreo).



Google’s upcoming mobile software Android O has been designed to extend battery life and lets users perform multiple tasks a once, the developer preview reveals. The Android O Developer Preview has been announcing ahead of Google I/O.

Let’s see what it brings with it

Improved Battery Life:

The battery is a real issue for the Android user. To solve a problem, Google is introducing Android O which is coming to save the battery life. Google is blocking apps from carrying out certain tasks when they are running in the background. The restriction include an app reacting to “implicit broadcasts”, or changes the Wi-Fi setting

Easy Multitasking:

Google has added some features to Android O to help users multitask. First is “picture in picture” display which will allow the videos to keep playing on a screen while users browse other sites or send a message or make a call.

Google also made it easier to use the second screen alongside their Android device which allows launching a program on a remote display.

Limited Notifications:

As the people get many notifications on a daily basis, which overwhelmed the users. Google is introducing new ways to control the notifications and even up to the user interest like how many they want to see on a daily basis. Apps will also be monitored individually by “fine-grained control”.

Other features:

It will have the ability to improve the Wi-Fi connectivity, keyboard navigation, and wireless sound. It also can change the shape of icons. It also includes new color support for the app developers and ability to animate the icons.

Cached data:

Every app has a storage quota for cached data, and when the system need the free space, the Android O will delete data from the apps more than the allocated quota.

Copy Pasting:

This feature is expected to ease copying text from one to app and another pasting it another app by giving suggestions in the second app as what you are about to paste based on what you were doing in the previous app.

Google I/O 2017    

Google uses Google I/O to announce the new updates and features to its Android OS. The 11th annual I/O conference will take place between 17 to 19 May-2017 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.

When it will released?

It is not clear when the Android O will become available to the wider public range. According to our best guess the Google Android O will be available in the markets from August/September 2017.

Let’s hope that Android O will be available on a wide range.