Banking Malware Found In Android Apps Targeting 420 Banks

Banking Malware

Banking Malware Found In Android Apps Targeting 420 Banks:


Watching funny videos in free time is the favorite hobby of mostly peoples. No one like to waste time in finding out funny videos one by one from YouTube or somewhere else. Because they have an easy method to watch funny videos on just installing Funny Videos app from Google Play store.

Like Funny Videos 2017 app, we can watch a bunch of funny videos provided in a list.

But have you ever thought that this kind of apps can harm you?

No, Because these apps are working normally and providing you the exact things that you are looking for.

But behind your eyes, these type of apps are stealing confidential information of your bank accounts.

A security researcher discovered this banking malware hidden inside the Android app named as “Funny Videos 2017”.

On Google Play store this app has 1000 to 5000 installs and was updated on April 8, 2017.

Niels Croese reported that the malware used in this app is not any new banking malware, but its capability to target victims and use of DexProtector tool to obfuscate the app’s code makes this app different from other banking malware.

How This Banking Malware Works?

Niels Croese asked that the app works fine, allowing you to watch funny videos but in the background, this app is able to intercept messages and steal your confidential bank account’s information.

When the app once installed on your android mobile, it will ask for administrative rights. When you grant administrative rights to this app. This app will infect your android mobile then it will able to control defined actions.

The researcher reported that this app is targeting 420 worldwide banking apps. He also provided the list of banking app affected by this banking Trojan. Whenever someone opens the app having this banking malware, overlays will display which will look likes that the app is demanding for the banking information.

Whenever someone fills the required information on overlay the filled data will send to Banks server as well as to the hacker behind this app.

The technique used in this app for stealing information is not any newly invented method. We all are aware of this method which is known as phishing.

What’s The Good News?

Niels Croese and some other researchers reported about this app named as”Funny Videos 2017″ and Google finally removed this app from the Google Play Store.

What’s The Bad News?

Removing a single app from Google Play store is not a permanent solution for securing the android users from this kind of malware. I hope there will be also some other app that is having this kind of banking malware. Google should have to fully scan the apps then allow them to be available on Play store.


How To Be Safe From Banking Malware?

Getting ride from these type of Banking malware is not much difficult, You can protect yourself by just following the below provided guidelines,


  •  Always keep your mobile update, Because new updates fixed bugs and errors in your mobile phone.
  • Install any Strong Anti-virus which will scan all the apps and also running services.
  • Never grant administrative rights to entrusted applications.
  • Never root your mobile, root mobiles have more chances to get infected by these kind of malware.
  • Always install applications that are from trusted sources.
  • Never use any third party app to install other applications.
  • If any of app showing abnormal behavior immediately uninstall it and scan your mobile for viruses.