Bixby Samsung New Virtual Assistant Coming In Galaxy S8

Samsung Bixby New Virtual Android Assitant

Bixby Samsung’s new virtual assistant:

There is the race between every top class mobile brand to make its more efficient and easy to use for its customers. They are doing their best regarding this. Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft are all known for the smart artificial intelligence-equipped with a digital assistant.  And now Samsung also comes in this race. Though Samsung is trying very best to introduce a new feature regarding virtual assistant, and it has just got succeeded.
Today the company has officially announced its spin on the virtual assistant, and it’s calling it Bixby.
Samsung’s approach on the assistant is a bit different. Than what you have used in the form of Siri or Cortona.Bixby is also meant to be a helper for you on your device to make it easier to access to accomplish the litany of tasks that modern gadgets are capable.

First Appearance Of Bixby Samsung: 

Bixby will first appear on the Galaxy S8, expected to be launched later this month.The device will have a dedicated button to start the assistant, but Samsung says that its initial capabilities will be limited.It will also be limited to English and Korean languages at first, though there are plans to add more like Chinese, Spanish shortly after launch.

It is hard to wrap your head around how exactly Bixby is different from Google assistant, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft Cortona and others without using it. Dr. Injong Rhee, Samsung’s head of research and development for the software and services, says. it’s “philosophically different from other agents,” and its purpose of changing the user behavior from just using touch commands.”

Bixby will not only about to calculate, weather forecasting or finding others. But it will help you to send pictures you are looking to send to your mom from your gallery.

Connection Of Bixby With Other Things:


Samsung’s ambition for the Bixby don’t end up with the phone, but it will connect to everything that has the internet facility. The company envisions the assistant being useful in a whole range of its products, from the appliances to TV remotes. Rhee says that Bixby can work with anything that has the internet connection and a microphone.

Dr. Rhee, says that the things will unite all of these various Bixby-enabled devices are a dedicated hardware button to launch the services. It can start the button bio metrically and authenticate the user at the same time.
For attaining these ambitions, Rhee says it’s going to take a long time for Bixby to accomplish them all.

Samsung’s Dreams:

Though Bixby is a product of Samsung’s internal development. And of course, first impression are everything. When it comes to virtual assistant Samsung’s all first impression rely on the Bixby work.