BMW 8 Series Car Revealed

BMW 8 Series car 2018

BMW 8 Series:


BMW’s 8 Series new two-door coupe is coming to amaze the world with its top class sporty look and specs.


BMW 8 Series car 2018

This article holds all the information about the upcoming classic car BMW 8 Series. It will be the answer to Mercedes S-Class Coupe and the Lexus LC coupe.

This could the all new type BMW car.


BMW 8 Series Engine

              BMW will be offering the V8 engine that will have the 650BHP of power. It will also offer the straight six petrol and diesel engine. These will offer the 350-450BHP of power. This will also be mated to the eight-speed ZF transmission.


BMW 8 Series Hybrid

              There will be the plug-in hybrid version of the 8 Series as well. This will be the company’s model for lower carbon emissions.


BMW 8 Series Interior

              It believed that the 8 Series will have the running gear and the interior styling like the 7 Series, but it is not cleared that whether this news is right or wrong.

The most amazing feature in this beauty is that it’ll feature the latest tech, gesture controlled iDrive infotainment system allowing functions controlled through hand in the midair along with the usual suite of advanced autonomous driving and safety tech.

It has the all leather seats.


BMW 8 Series Platform

              The 8 Series BMW will have the latest 7 series sedan’s lightweight, semi-carbon fiber architecture. This will be the ultra-light weight platform that will used to make the most high-end BMW’s.


BMW 8 Series Price and Release Date

              There is no real news about the release date of all new 8 Series BMW. But the rumors suggests that it will revealed in September. As it is the luxurious car so it demands the price according to it.

The price is round about the £70,000 to £100,000 for the top specs model.