• OnePlus 5 Release Date And Specs

    OnePlus 5 Release Date, Specs and Rumours:   OnePlus 5 has grown from a little startup and now it has the ability to fulfil the user’s demand with new technology and latest features. The all new flagship is just about to hit to the market in the Summers-17. The Chinese company has just announced the ...
  • Jelly Smartphone World's Smallest Smartphone

    Jelly Smartphone World’s Smallest Smartphone: People wants smartphones that are larger in size. So the mobile making companies like Samsung, Apple, Google and others doing their best to produce as much larger smartphone as they can.     But there is something interesting we have got today. A smallest mobile phone titled as Jelly 4G ...
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    Samsung Galaxy S8 Restarting Randomly Problem: Samsung has recently launched its new flagship mobile Galaxy S8. Which has the strong expectation to well managed and quite good from Note 7 issue. But it seems like ill-fated smartphone’s legacy is still haunting the South Korean manufacturer.      Initially, the users reported an issue regarding the ...
  • Apple Live Photos API

    Apple Live Photos API: When the iPhone 6s was released in 2015, the company also made an announcement about Live Photos. It is picture when someone tap on its screen becomes 1.5 seconds video.   Don’t Miss: iPhone 8 Leaked Images | Benjamin Gaskin Revealed iPhone 8 Design.   Apple defined Apple Live Photos API ...
  • iPhone 8 Leaked images

      How the iPhone 8 will look like?. Apple customers are curious to know about this. A number of iPhone 8 leaked images and rumours indicates about that how the iPhone 8 will look like. Another leak revealed iPhone 8 new images. iPhone 8 Leaked Images: [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”5″ gal_title=”iPhone 8 leaked images”] In a twitter ...
  • Nokia 9 Release dATE

    Nokia 9 Release Date, News, Specs And Rumors: Nokia has already gained and attracted the whole world with its Nokia 6. But Nokia is again coming back to the whole market with full preparation and Nokia 9 as its weapon. With this we might finally have to assume that it is coming with its first ...
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    Android O Apple gets all the attention, but Android remains the world’s biggest Operating system. You can find it everywhere, which means it absolutely must work on devices of every size, shape, and spec. But you can now use Android on the Google-OS that they open up all gadgets with the keyboard, trackpads, pens and ...
  • iPhone 8 plus Release Date,

    iPhone 8 Plus Release Date, Specs, Design: Apple has always been a benchmark in making the smartest phones and immunizing them with lots of features and quality material. The next sensational mark in the market would Apple iPhone 8 Plus. This article holds the all info about iPhone 8 Plus release date, specs and news. ...
  • iPhone 8 Release Date 2017

    iPhone 8 Release Date 2017 set to be in September 2017. Apple will announce a good news and a bad news on Apple 10th Anniversary.    Something is Good, and Something is bad about iPhone 8 we have today. Apple makes its customer happy by announcing the iPhone 8 release date 2017. But Apple also ...
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date

     Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date, Galaxy Note 8 Specs, Note 8 Price And Everything You Want To know,    Update: According to a new leak Samsung ditched the phone bezels. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will faces nearly all scree. There will be no home button. Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s front camera will have ...