These Five Countries Have Fastest Internet Speed

These 5 cOUNTRIS Have Fastest Internet speed
These 5 cOUNTRIS Have Fasteset Internet speed

These Five Countries Have Fastest Internet Speed:

In this current technology world, everything is at your door step. For example before if you want to buy something you have to go outside to the market for purchasing that thing, but with the help of technology you can buy and sell anything by staying at your home.

How this become possible?

This becomes possible with the help of a thing that you are using right now for reading this article. That is called the internet.

We all know very well about the internet, that what is it?. But when it comes to internet speed, we just know that 2 MBS internet connection will have slow speed while 4 MBS will have the faster speed. But we don’t have more words to explain this difference.

In this technological world, we must have to understand the Internet speed. As we all have Internet-enabled devices at our home like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and gaming systems. With the fastest Internet speed, you can get the best use out of all your devices.

Here is the list of 5 countries that have Fastest Internet Speed:

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is on the top of the list between top 5 countries having fastest internet speed. Before, Hong Kong was holding the third position among highest speed internet countries. But due to its better policies of providing easy availability of internet  to its maximum population lead Hong Kong to the top of the list. In Hong Kong average internet speed is 54.1 Mbps which means that it will take few seconds to download a full HD movie.

South Korea:

Like Hong Kong, South Korea is also providing easy availability of internet across the whole country. About 93% population of South Korea is internet user, which shows that the peoples of this country have the strong relationship with digital spaces. Due to which the Government of South Korea has introduced best policies for providing high-speed internet to its nation. South Korea is holding the second position among the top 5 countries having fastest internet speed. In South Korea, average internet speed is 48.8 Mbps.


Japan always counted in the list of those countries who have best and long lasting technologies. In Japan inter was introduced in 1996 but Japan has made rapid success in high-speed broadband internet because they launched broadband high-speed internet in 2000. Like Hong Kong and South Korea Japan also has million of users of the internet. So mostly areas of Japan are wired with high-speed optic fiber cables, so the average speed of internet is about 42.2 MBPS.


Latvia is not much familiar with technologies, but it is making better progress in technology with the help of technology. The number of internet users in Latvia is only 2.4 million. Due to a small number of internet users speed of internet never becomes down in Latvia. The average speed of internet in Latvia recorded as 37.5 Mbps.


Like Latvia, the number of internet users in Romania is not much as compared to other top 3 countries. There are only 15 million internet users who are blessed with high-speed internet having speed of 37.4 Mbps.