Facebook Assistant M – How Different From Others?

Facebook Assistant M
Facebook Assistant M


Facebook Assistant M:


Facebook announced “Facebook Assistant M” a personal digital assistant inside messenger. The virtual assistant will suggest the messengers users to perform ” Helpful actions” such as sending money to friends, sharing location or obtaining a ride-share.

M uses artificial intelligence and “suggests relevant actions to help manage conversations or help get things done,” Facebook product managers Laurent Landowski and Kemal El Moujahid said in a blog post.

The launch of this virtual assistant M is an initial step  prepare the most advanced Digital Assistant with  Artificial intelligence. Which help the Facebook to compete with the other virtual assistants like Cortana, Siri, And Bixby.


How Facebook Assistant M Digital Assistant Is Different From Others?


How this Digital assistant “M” is different from other digital assistants we have seen in Apple, Microsoft and Google.

So, you are asking a question to Siri, Cortana or Bixby that please find a birthday gift for my brother.or where is the best place for hiking? The result will be the bunch of links in front of you.

Now, Facebook is claiming that its own digital assistant named as “M” can achieve the better result asking the same question. So How Facebook is doing that?

Le’s have a look.

Facebook M is working in the same way usually we type a message to a person. You just have to press the button assigned to the Facebook M provided on the bottom of the messenger screen. Then a text box will appear where you can type your query. Then Facebook M will come up with the answer to your complex question.

Like if we ask Facebook M that,

” My friends are having a baby! can you help me to find a good gift?. They already have bunch of clothes and toys”

Then the Facebook M will answer as shown below.

Facebook M
While the other virtual assistants like Cortana, Siri and Bixby upcoming virtual assistant in android will not show the exact answer. As said above that they will answer in a bunch of links. Because they don’t have that type of analyzing power or data to answer these type of complex questions.

While the Facebook M can do that because the artificial intelligence or the AI presented inside the Facebook assistant M supervise as the actual people.

So where is the AI finds a difficulty in answering your question? A Facebook’s employee jumps in and helps the AI to answer your question. Actually, The Facebook M Virtual assistant is the
hybrid of artificial intelligence and human intelligence. Which perfectly makes sense, That’s why Facebook M is able to answer more complex question whereas other virtual assistants can not do this very well.

For example,

You want to book a table in a restaurant, now the AI will generate a response which will be sent to the human trainer or the supervisor of AI. The human trainer will do the most of the job done here, actually by making a call to a restaurant or making an online reservation.

Why is the task carried out by the human trainer? , Each and every data that how the human trainer is responding to the task in hand? , Each and every step is done by the trainer have recorded. So this data will help the Facebook M to pick up a more intelligent answer to your complex question.

How Facebook Assitant M’s AI Works?

The AI presented in Digital Assistant Facebook M will use the deep study to become more advance. As the name of the variety of tasks will increase the responses generated by the humans. The AI will learn these responses and will become more intelligent. The evaluation of this AI is not a quick process
but it will be a great AI then the others in the feature.
According to me, this is a great technology. Because the idea is not only answering to your complex questions But also teaching the AI to how to answer these questions in the feature.

For now, this technology is only available to limited peoples. As Facebook is only launching it only in the United States Of America. But we are hoping that it will be available for every soon.