New Facebook Updates 2017: Facebook Starting Monetization Videos

Facebook Updates 2017

New Facebook Updates 2017:

Facebook is a social networking site that makes it easy for anyone or it’s user to connect to its family and friends.
Facebook has always been trying to do its best to serve its user’s around the globe.

There are some new Facebook updates 2017, which are given below.

Facebook Starting Monetization Videos:

Everyone was waiting for this feature, but the wait is over now. Facebook announced that they are going to start monetizing videos and will share the revenue with its creators.

This is good news for people who are willing to earn money from Facebook. Everyone can make money by creating videos and uploading it on Facebook. Facebook will serve ads on those produced videos and will share the revenue with its creators.

Facebook Autoplay Video With Sound:

There is a small change in Facebook’s old autoplay video’s feature. Before when you hover our the video, the video will start playing without sound. But the now videos will autoplay with sound

Facebook Go Live:

Attracting people by showing them your recorded video is difficult, but streaming yourself will help you a lot to attract more viewers. Because by going live viewers can interact with you in real-time.

Due to which Facebook have decided to add Go Live features in Facebook‘s new update,

Going live is a new feature that allows the user to go live on its Facebook to connect with its family and friends to have more fun.

Location Requests in Messenger:

Facebook allows the selected people to ask for your location on messenger.
In case you go missing your family or friends can send you a location request, in this instance, time is set. Within this period even if you accept or decline the request location sent to your requested.

Television App:

Facebook recently announced that it would launch TV app in making the news. Dan Rose, VP of Partnership-Facebook Inc. made a significant announcement on 14 February 2017 about how soon people would be to watch their shows on this app.
They can also save it for watching it later.

Ad Blocking:

Facebook is making its users please and secure. It announces that soon people can block ads if they don’t want to look at the ads. Like alcohol & parenting ads.

Today, there are 3.5 billion people are using internet facilities where different sites & companies are free content because of this they have to go through various ads. As a result, people want to install Adblocker to enjoy free surfing.