Facebook Virtual Reality World Demo – F8 Developer Conference 2017


Facebook Virtual Reality World: 

Facebook entertaining its customer nowadays by adding interesting updates. This year on company’s annual F8 developer conference held on 18th April 2017. Facebook announced that they are adding virtual reality world on Facebook.


Mark Zuckerberg and other company executives announced that. They are going to change this world by adding peoples to into a virtual world. Where they can meet and hangouts with friends and colleagues in a virtual reality environment.


Facebook Species App : Allow Users To Interact In Facebook Virtual Reality World:

Facebook announced to launch a new app titled as “Facebook Species”. Which allow the users to connect with friends in a virtual reality environment. Facebook will use smartphone cameras to project a new virtual world.

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The app provides a way for social media users to hang out as they might otherwise in person, even bridging great distances, Said by Rachel Franklin, head of social VR at Facebook.

In a virtual world, a user can see an avatar of his/herself. The avatar will be automatically created according to the user profile picture. However, users will able to modify their avatars. They can change hairstyle, hair color, eyes color and many other facial features.

After creating your virtual personality, Messanger application will allow you to connect with your friends and interact with them in Facebook virtual reality world.

Facebook have bought Oculus VR platform three years ago. It means that they are planning for a virtual reality world from a long time. But they just told their users about it in last year annual F8 developer conference.

Facebook Virtual Reality Demo:

Facebook gave a demo of virtual reality world in 2016 Annual F8 developer conference. Two of Facebook employees engaged and interact in a virtual environment, however, they both are too much far from each other.

At that time this technology was under development. Somehow its still in development but after the beta launch of MySpaces now this is available for anyone with an Oculus Rift.

“This is the proof of concept right now,” said Michael Inouye, principal analyst at ABI Research.