HTC 11 Release Date, Specs & Rumors

HTC 11 Release Date
HTC 11 Release Date

HTC 11 Release Date, Specs & Rumors:


The mobile technology is rapidly increasing, and every company and brand now want to surpass its competitors with a huge range. The technology has yet to achieve certain targets, for which every company is hitting its heads.

HTC is also one of these companies who is trying to entertain its users.


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HTC 11 is its new weapon with this they are going to hit the market. For this purpose, they have introduced new features. HTC 10 was something else of a reinvention for the brand, with an all-new design, features, and upgraded specs. But in some ways, it still needs to be more improvement. We cannot say that it’s not a great model, but still, it’s not quite good according to the race.




Now let’s see what HTC 11 bringing with it.

HTC 11 Design

  •    Metal shell or a glass back
  •    Edge to edge screen

The rumors or social media account hasn’t been clearly able to put what may the HTC 11 look like. A Chinese source on Weibo has shared an image of it which will may suggest what it will end up looking like.

It may have a metal back and edge to edge screen. It’s a striking look. But since the HTC has announced that the U Ultra a flagship phone with a shiny glass back. So it’s possible that the HTC 11 may have the similar design.

The latest rumor suggests that it will remove all buttons from its flagship phone and will instead be operated by using Edge Sense or Sense Touch, which is based on fingers.

HTC 11 OS and Power

  •    New Snapdragon 835 chipset, the latest from Qualcomm
  •    8GB RAM
  •    Storage may reach up to 256GB

The leak about HTC 11 suggests that it may come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835chipset. HTC 11 itself has hinted about the use of Snapdragon 835 chipset, under 8GB RAM and 256GB internal memory.

It is unheard in any handset currently present, with a Snapdragon 835 and with the 8GB RAM.

It will also have the 256GB internal memory which is a huge one. We have also heard that it come in 6GB RAM with 128GB internal memory.

As far as the OS is concerned the HTC 11 to come up with the latest version of Android Nougat and with HTC’s own overlay at the top. The leak also suggests that it will come with both Android Nougat and HTC Sense 9.0.

HTC 11 Display

  •    5.5inches QHD display, may also be curved
  •    Second display much like LG V20

It is suggested in a leak that it will come with 5.5inches 1440 x 2560 display, an upgraded form of HTC 10 screen. And also may come with 1556 x 2550 screen.

On Weibo, it was also suggested that the phone would come with a curved display. It’s like Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has exactly the setup.

There’s also a chance that HTC 11 may have a tiny secondary display above the main one, as we’ve seen in LG V20.

HTC 11 Release Date

  •    May be announced this month
  •    Should be available in the markets after the initial launch

As the HTC skipped the MWC (Mobile World Congress) suggesting that a new flagship is on its way.

We can’t give the specific date the launch of this model yet, simply because no one has leaked it yet. As it was on the Taiwanese Official Facebook page posted an image along with a date and the caption”HTC will give you a surprise”.

Speaking to TBreak, Chialin Chang, HTC’s President of the Smartphones and Connected Devices, explained that the company is having to wait for the right components before debuting a new handset.

But according to best guess, this model will launch in this month. According to the previous history.

HTC 11 Camera and Battery

  •    Rear 12MP shooter, 8MP selfie camera
  •    3700mAh battery
  •    No dual lens sensor

The leak also suggested that HTC 11 Camera will be,  12MP shooter rear camera on the device with a secondary 8MP selfie camera on the front. This is not really an improvement as far as the primary camera goes. The good news is that the 8MP selfie snapper is setup over the 5MP shooter featured on the HTC 10.

The phone will not have the dual-lens camera.

It will also have the 3700mAh battery in HTC 11 which could be the long lasting phone.


A short List of Phone

  •     5.5inches screen
  •    QHD display resolution
  •    Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor
  •    Quick Charge 4.0
  •    8GB RAM
  •    256GB storage
  •     HTC 11 Camera,12MP Shooter Rear camera
  •    8MP selfie camera
  •    3700mAh battery