iPhone 8 Leaked Images | Benjamin Gaskin Revealed iPhone 8 Design

iPhone 8 Leaked images


How the iPhone 8 will look like?. Apple customers are curious to know about this.

A number of iPhone 8 leaked images and rumours indicates about that how the iPhone 8 will look like. Another leak revealed iPhone 8 new images.

iPhone 8 Leaked Images:

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In a twitter tweet, Benjamin Geeks revealed iPhone 8 images and confirms that the iPhone 8 will match all the previous leaked information.

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According to the iPhone 8 leaked images and news , the iPhone 8 will have an edge-to-edge display, aluminum border, and a glass body. There will be no home button on the screen. The iPhone 8 will have dual front cameras, vertical rear cameras. Front and back 2.5D curved glass with a metal frame. iPhone 8 will also have a long power button too.


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iPhone 8 new leak also confirms that there will be no Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the screen. Apple integrated the fingerprint biometric scanner inside the screen. The front screen of iPhone 8 will be the whole black even the cuts of cameras, sensors and other parts will not be seen clearly.

An interesting thing about iPhone 8 is that it will have shiny, curved and polished stainless steel sides. Which makes iPhone 8 to look likes an iPod classic backplate. As previous models, the iPhone 8 will have the separate volume up and down button on the left-hand side with a mute button placed above to them.


iPhone 8 Lekaed Images


The leaks also confirm about the previously provided information about iPhone 8. That the iPhone 8 will have 3D sensing front camera, wireless charging, 3 GB RAM, 5.8-inch OLED 521 PPI display.

Some of the physical specifications also revealed in the latest iPhone 8 leak. The iPhone 8 will approximately same to iPhone 7 in size, 5.44 inches in length and 2.64 inches in width. Also iPhone 8 will supposedly have 7.1mm thinness.

In another tweet, Benjamin Geskin also revealed the internal motherboard structure of iPhone 8 which is 70% accurate,

iPhone 8 leaked motherboard structure
iPhone 8 Leaked images and rumours show an excited design of iPhone 8 with major upgrades in design. But we still don’t have any strong evidence about iPhone 8 that how it will look like.


Update: In an other tweet Benjamin Gaskin asked that maybe the iPhone 8 mass production will delayed to October/November. And he also shared that he is thinking that the Apple decided to go with “Тouch ID under display” design. He also show this is how the iPhone 8 will look like.


iPhone 8 Leaked images iPhone 8 Leaked images iPhone 8 Leaked images iPhone 8 Leaked images


Whats New iPhone 8  Will Have?

iPhone 8 Hardware:

  1. Apple using OLED screen technology which will reduce the battery consumption and will increase the battery life. iPhone 8 will be waterproof and dust proof.
  2. Apple using faster chips  “10-nano meter process” in iPhone 8 which will surely increase the efficiency and performance of mobile.
  3. As similar to iPhone 8 the dual lens rear camera will be placed vertically instead of horizontally. This is also expected that there will be a second lens placed for front iPhone 8 camera.
  4. iPhone 8 will have 3D sense camera and wireless charging technology.

iPhone 8 Physical Changes:

  1. There will be no home button the whole screen will be black.
  2. Finger print scanner will be placed inside the screen.
  3. iPhone 8 will have a long power button too.
  4. The iPhone 8 will have curved glass on front, shiny and curved polished stainless sides.