iPhone 8 Plus Release Date, Specs, Design And Other News

iPhone 8 plus Release Date,
iPhone 8 plus Release Date,

iPhone 8 Plus Release Date, Specs, Design:

Apple has always been a benchmark in making the smartest phones and immunizing them with lots of features and quality material. The next sensational mark in the market would Apple iPhone 8 Plus. This article holds the all info about iPhone 8 Plus release date, specs and news.

Next year will mark the 10th anniversary of Apple iPhone. It has almost ten years when Steve Jobs stepped up on the stage and forced our thoughts to change the style using mobile phones.

We have already heard that iPhone 8 Plus will see lots of changes.


iPhone 8 Release Date, Specs And Everything

iPhone 8 Plus release date

For the last few months, we have heard that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be released in September 2017. That’s exactly when we want it to release, but few buyers are not having patience on its release date.

The iPhone 8 Plus is the only smartphone which is being published in September after the iPhone SE.

Usually, we expect iPhone to release S model before further amendments, but there is a chance of jumping straight to iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus.

Tim Cook said “Don’t expect much from the iPhone 7 because iPhone 8 will create a new revolution and they are already planning and building it to revolutionize the further of smartphones.

iPhone 8 Plus screen

  •    Some rumors say that the size of screen may increase
  •    There will be OLED and LCD versions of screens
  •    It may also feature fold able screen.

Apple is making two versions of screens in iPhone 8, and that will make a significance difference in screen technology.

An analyst suggests that this two screen will come in LCD (being used in current iPhones) and OLED versions.

Expect it to be more costly with an OLED copy of a screen than LCD version. This is also the possibility of higher demand of OLED screen because of the market of new tech at the moment.

Apple also decided to increase the size of iPhone 8 Plus’s screen. Which will be available within 5.5 inches to 5.8 inches screen as there is more demand for larger screens than before.

There is also a chance of introducing curved shaped phones with OLED screen versions, and that could be of higher QHD resolution. For this purpose, Apple has appointed a company specifically for the foldable screen technology.

iPhone 8 Plus camera and battery

The iPhone 7 Plus was the model with the biggest upgrade of camera side. We expect the same spec in iPhone 8 Plus shooter.

A Chinese analyst (Ming-Chi Kuo) suggested the dual-lens camera will remain limited to Plus model and both will benefit in optical image stabilization.

The expectation with front camera is also same to stay at the 7MP mark on the iPhone 8 Plus. As it was upgraded to the last phone. The iPhone 8 Plus’s camera is also possible to support 3D effects.

The biggest upgrade is of introducing wireless charging technology as you have not seen it before in any devices. This technology will help the user to charge its phone from 18 feet distance.

If it’s true and Apple is working on this technology, then it would be a game changer feature for the Apple.

iPhone 8 Plus design

One Chinese analyst expects the biggest change in the design would curved glass back rather than the metal used on other iPhone models. The CEO of the company that makes the metal casing for the iPhone’s models said: “iPhone 8 will adopt a glass casing next year”.

One of the biggest criticism the iPhone faced was the design of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus because they neither have the new model.

The other news is that iPhone design may drop the Touch ID scanner from the iPhone 8 Plus. Some have rumored that it have integrated into the screen instead.

iPhone 8 Plus to build waterproof build as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack-less design.


iPhone 8 Plus OS and Power

We are expecting that iOS 11 will launch along with the iPhone 8 Plus. Regarding RAM iPhone 8 and 8 Plus to come with 3GB or 4GB.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have launched with upgraded A10 Fusion processors. So the quad-core chip on the iPhone 8 Plus it’s likely to call the A11 Fusion.

Others Features

The Apple is trying to introduce the new technology by making the every side of iPhone 8 Plus smart.Which will allow the user to turn the volume up and down by just rubbing the sides and a user can snap a photo with a tap.

There’s also a chance that Apple may give a Smart Connector facility to its users. Which can be use for accessories like a small keyboard.

Another rumor is that Apple also introduces an iris scanner in iPhone 8 Plus. Which allows you to unlock your phone by just looking at it.

iPhone 8 Plus price

The 32GB model will be available in just $796, and the 128GB version costs $896. If you want to enjoy the even bigger 256GB version, then you’ll have to pay around $969.


Whats Bad News About iPhone 8 Plus ?

Apple announced the iPhone 8 Plus release date but the sad news is. iPhone 8 plus will also available in limited quantity so many of Apple customers will upset due to its full flagged availability.