iPhone 8 Release Date 2017: Limited Stock

iPhone 8 Release Date 2017
iPhone 8 Release Date 2017

iPhone 8 Release Date 2017 set to be in September 2017. Apple will announce a good news and a bad news on Apple 10th Anniversary. 


Something is Good, and Something is bad about iPhone 8 we have today. Apple makes its customer happy by announcing the iPhone 8 release date 2017. But Apple also makes its customers sad by announcing that the iPhone 8 will be available in limited stock after the publication.
On Apple 10th Anniversary in September 2017, Apple is going to launch the most expensive iPhone 8 mobile. This will be the best gift from Apple to its loyal customers. But the sad news is the iPhone 8 will be available into much-limited stock as said by the Gabor Balogh,

“The iPhone 8 could be in seriously short supply this fall.”




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According to research done by Barclays analysts, iPhone 8 will make in limited quantities. Due to its limited quantity, the iPhone 8 will be out of stock very soon after the publication.They also notified that iPhone 8 would remain in limited quantities until the end of the year. But we hope that full-fledged availability of iPhone 8 will starts from the starting of New year 2018.
The reason behind the limited stock of iPhone 8 we become to know is given below,

As we know iPhone 8 will come with (edge-to-edge) OLED screens.

According to a report posted on Bloomberg,

” Apple is ready to make iPhone in sufficient quantity, but the OLED Screen providers like LG, Samsung, Sharp And Japan Display refused to provide OLED screens in enough. Due to which iPhone 8 will suffer from stock problems maybe till the end of 2018″.

Whats New In iPhone 8?

    • The most major change in iPhone is, the iPhone 8 will have the curved display. Apple using OLED screen to give a better and big display result in iPhone 8. The display size of iPhone 8 will be 5.8-inch.
    • Like features iPhones, iPhone 8 will also have the wireless charging system.
    • A new Touch ID system will also introduce in iPhone 8.
    • We can also expect 3D dual camera in iPhone 8.


What Thing Will Make Apple Sad?

  1. As Apple announced iPhone 8 Release Date 2017 but also informed about the limited stock availability. Due to its limited stock Apple customer will be upset in feature so maybe they will move from iPhone 8 to Samsung Galaxy s8 Edge.