Jelly Smartphone World’s Smallest Smartphone

Jelly Smartphone World's Smallest Smartphone

Jelly Smartphone World’s Smallest Smartphone:

People wants smartphones that are larger in size. So the mobile making companies like Samsung, Apple, Google and others doing their best to produce as much larger smartphone as they can.


Jelly Smartphone World's Smallest Smartphone


But there is something interesting we have got today.

A smallest mobile phone titled as Jelly 4G announced on Kickster. Jelly 4G is one of the World’s Smallest Smartphone, running Android 7.0 Nougat.


Jelly 4G smartphone will support all the features of Android 7.0 Nougat. This tiny mobile is supporting the ultra-fast 4G network. Jelly 4G is able to support all the applications available in Google Play Store. This mobile will have all the features that an expensive smartphone have like Bluetooth, Camera, GPS, WiFi, Dual Nano Sims, SD Card and GSM/CDMA/LTE support.


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Jelly 4G Smartphone Specs:


Like other expensive smartphone Jelly smartphone also have front and rear camera. The front camera will be 2MP and the rear camera will be 8 MP.


This world’s smallest smartphone will feature 1.1 GHz processor and will have two variants. Jelly and Jelly Pro both will differ according to their specs.

Jelly Smartphone will have 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM. On the other hand, Jelly Pro smartphone will have 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM.


Due to its tiny size, you cannot enjoy the full display. Jelly Smartphone will have a 2.45-inch touchscreen display with the resolution of 240 x 432 pixel.


As Jelly is too much small in size it also have light weight of 60.4G(With Battrey). This smallest mobile phone will have 3.6 Inch hieght and 1.7 Width. This mobile will be available in three different colors, Black, Pearl White and Sky Blue.

 Battery Life:

Makers made Jelly smaller in size but they did no compromise on Battery Life. Jelly will have 950mAH battery with three days battery timing on usage and 7 days battery life on standby. The battery timing of Jelly Smartphone is really impressing.

Jelly Smartphone Release Date:

Jelly Smartphone release date is set to be in August 2017. The mobile will hit in the market in August 2017. Kickster offering 40% discount so if you want to save some money so lets pledging to the Kickstarter project, which has already reached its $30,000.

Jelly Smartphone Price:

This World’s smallest smartphone is too much cheap in price, so it is an affordable backup mobile phone to your expensive mobile. The Jelly Smartphone model is cost you only $109 , and the Jelly Pro Smartphone price is only $125.