Lexar Jumpdrive Providing High Write/Read Rate And Data Encryption

Lexar Jumpdrive

Lexar Jumpdrive Providing High Write/Read Rate And Data Encryption:

The trend of using Cloud storage for storing and protecting data becomes more familiar than the using USB drives. Storing data in USB drives was not much secured before. Due to which many peoples started using cloud storage. But there are still some people who use USB devices for storing data, but they are also worried about the data protection. As well as the fear of getting the USB damaged or corrupted also keeps in mind.

For full filling, the needs of USB drive users Lexar announced its latest
USB Jumpdrive. The Lexar Latest Jump Drive is waterproof, almost damage proof and also having the 256-bit encryption.


Lexar Jumpdrive has an incredible data transfer and data reading rate. The date reading rate is approximately 150MB/s, and the data write speed is 60MB/s. According to Lexar, the 3GB data file can write in USB within 1 minute to 4 minutes accordingly.

Lexar Jumpdrive Price:

New Lexar Jumpdrive is available in the market with having 32 GB,64 GB and 128 GB storage capacity. The rate for Lexar 32 GB USB drive is $19.99. The rate for Lexar 64 GB drive is $34.99. And Price of Lexar 128 GB Jumpdrive is $59.99.

Lexar this new Jumpdrive may again increase the demands of USB drives. As Lexar is full filling the requirements of data protection, so users can feel free to store their sensitive data in Laser’s Jumpdrive.