Lifan KPR 200 Review | Fastest Chinese Motorcycle

Lifan KPR 200 Review

Lifan KPR 200:

Lifan Group Industry is a Chinese motorcycles and automobile manufacturer company. Lifan motorcycles one of the famous bikes in China and a popular Chinese motorcycles brand in the World. Every year Lifan entertain its customers  by launching amazing street bikes with strong lifan engines. Many peoples thinks that Chinese Bikes can not have good quality as China always tries to make cheap things. Maybe some how its true, but when it comes to Lifan motorcycles, the whole scene is different. Lets have a look on Lifan new motorcycle named as Lifan KPR 200.


Lifan KPR 200 Review:

After a successful launch of  Lifan KPR 150, it’s predecessor now introducing a new model of this super fast bike Lifan KPR 200 with powerful lifan engine and upgraded physical look.

Lifan KPR 150 and Lifan KPR200 both bikes are racing inspired Chinese motorcycles with the top speed and maximum performance. The most amazing thing about Lifan motorcycle KPR 200 is that this bike is not a replica of any brand this is unique designed bike by the Lifan Group Industry Of Chinese motorcycles and Autos manufacturer.

Due to its high-quality suspension system, hydraulic brakes and tires dual-use this bike is smooth running on bad surface of roads

 Lifan Motorcycles KPR 200 Review

Lifan KPR 200 have a 200CC Fuel injected powerful lifan engine which can produce to much power and torque. KPR 200 lifan engines maintains at 80 Celsius temperature it can not get overheat due to the liquid cooling technology used in KPR 200. There is a water jacket placed around the cylinder which is full of coolant, due to the circulation of coolant KPR 200’s engine maintains at fixed temperature no matter how much it’s engine being in used.


Due to it’s powerful lifan engine KPR 200 can hit 80 MPH speed in the very first 60 second and can cover 130 Kilo meters in an hour. Lifan KPR 200 is a championship winning fastest Chinese sports bike that have ability to win more championships in feature.

Lifan KPR 200 is an amazing bike and impressed me to much, i really fall in love with this sports bike. I am going to buy it soon. Said by Writer


 Features Of Lifan Motorcycles KPR 200:


  • Electronic fuel injection system.
  • Four Stroke lifan Engine.
  • Cooled Water Technology.
  • Improved fuel consumption.
  • Maximum torque of 17N.m at 6500.
  • 6 Gears.
  • Covers 130 KM in an hour.

    Physical Features Of Lifan KPR 200:

  • Unique Body Design.
  • LED Headlights.
  • Day Time running lights.
  • Dual Racing Seats.
  • USB Port.
  • Digital Meter.
  • Tubeless Tyre.

If you are a racing bikes lover then Probably this bike will become the first love for bike lovers. Ohh not only the love it will become the passion to ride this super fastest dreamy bike.