Nano Drone Bat Bot – Flying Creation Of Technology


Nano Drone Bat Bot:

Technology is flying now! Something in your room or outside your room moving like a bat roaming and roaming around oooh!

What is it?
A bat?
No, it is a Robot,

A Group of Scientists at the University of Illinois Urbana was researching about the Bats (A Mammal). After an extended period, Scientists has built a robot that looks like a Bat and flys like a bat as well.

This Nano Drone type of Robot named as a Bat Bot. Bat Bot is a flying creation of technology that looks like Nano Quad copter.

“This robot design will help us build safer and more efficient flying robots, and also give us more insight into the way bats fly,” says Soon-Jo Chung


Nano Drone Bat Bot Body Structure:

I hope you have seen the body structure of a bat; there are a lot of joints. Due to which it was looking difficult to make a robot that looks like a real bat. A Bat has 40 joints in his body, making active 40 joints in a flying robot was quite difficult.

But Scientist accepted it as a challenge, and after making 9 active and passive joints, they succeed to build a robot that looks like a real bat.

The weight of a Bat Bot is almost 98 grams, and its skeleton made of the carbon fiber. This Nano Drone has an onboard computer, sensor and five micro motors attached to its backbone.

What Makes Bat Bot Incredible?

The thing that makes Bat Bot incredible is just that how much hard it was to make a robot that takes flight likes a real bat. If flying were an art form, Bats would make the fixed wing pilots seem to be painting with their fingers. Because with each flap of their wings a Bat used its 40 active joints.

It was much difficult to make a robot whom flight looks like a flight of real Bat. But the Scientists made it possible by making only 9 active joints.

Due to Bat Bot’s super-thin membrane wings, a Bat-Bot has flexible and powerful flapping power – as much as they can do flapping ten times in a second.

“Bats have the most sophisticated powered flight mechanism among animals,” bats have the most sophisticated powered flight mechanism among animals,”

How Nano Drone Bat Bot Differ From The Real Bat?

The scientists have put their maximum efforts to make a Robot that looks like a Bat, they have almost succeeded, but there are still some differences between the Bat-Bot and a Real Bat.

A real Bat, with its active 40 joints can actively twist its wrists while on the other hand, a Bat robot with nine joints can not actively turn its wrists.

A real bat’s wing membrane have different stiffness in various places while on the other hand, the Bat robot’s super thin wing membranes are uniformly flexible.

An Amazing Thing About Nano Drone Bat Bot:

A Nano Drone Bot Bot takes as much elegant flight as a real bat takes. It moves its wings, legs, and elbows in this way as a real bat do. So it’s hard for you to distinguish between a real bat and a Bat-Bot if you are not a biologist.