New iPhone in 2017 Will Have A Curved Display

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New iPhone in 2017 Will Have A Curved Display:


Cheap iPhones will not be longer available in markets in 2017. According to The Wall Street Journal report, iPhone’s new model will have a curved display. Before Apple announced iPhone 7 for only $649 which is bit cheaper. But the new iPhone model will cost round about $1000, which is bit expensive.


Apple is using OLED-based screens in new iPhone. Previous iPhone’s display have some week points such as color saturation, accuracy, and brightness problems. But OLED flexible screens will solve all these kinds of problems.Apple said that our customers will experience a better display in new upcoming iPhone in 2017.


Another point that The Wall Street Journal is quoted on website that, iPhone will no longer user home button in new upcoming iPhone.

In 2017 iPhone going to launch three iPhone models which will be differ according to display. Two iPhones will come with the Standard LCDS while one will have the OLEDS. As Apple is first time using OLED technology in mobile phone. So the cost of the mobile having OLED screen will be probably high.


Why Apple Introducing Curve Display In New iPhone?


Apple taken the idea of using curve screen in iPhone from Samsung. Before Samsung used this technology which leads it to gain much profit. When Apple launch its iPhone 6 with slim and large display, its sales slightly increased just because of its better display.

That’s why Apple decided to use OLED Screens in new iPhone which can be boost sale growth and users also can experience a new and better look of an iPhone.

New iPhone Will Have Amazing Features:

This is to expected that iPhone 8 will have a wireless charging technology. Apple is trying to free your self by jerking charging wire every time in your phone.

Apple will replace the company’s original lighting connector with the USB-C Port.


New iPhone 2018 may be launched in 2018, as Apple is still studying about the OLED screen. But I am sure this iPhone will boast the sales growth of Apple’s iPhone.