Nokia 3310 Nokia Mobile Relaunching Its Best Selling Mobile

Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 Nokia Mobile:

Nokia has announced at Mobile World Conference that, ” Nokia is relaunching its old and famous mobile ” Nokia 3310″ with advanced features and stylish design.


Nokia 3310

Back to the year 2000, Nokia 3310 released in September 2000. According to a source at that time, Nokia sold out 126 Million copies of Nokia mobile 3310 and became on the top favorite mobile in 2000. Nokia 3310 is also 12th best-selling cell phone in history.

Nokia is now partnering with Finnish manufacturing company named as “HMD Global.” Nokia HMD Global’s CEO Arto Nummela in Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona said at the end of his speech that,

” one more thing – I almost forget.” we are going to re-launch Nokia 3310.




Previous Nokia mobile 3310 was too much of weight, have a smaller screen, long battery life and a famous snake game pre-installed in it.

New Nokia 3310 Features  :


But New Nokia 3310 is coming with the advanced features, a bigger screen, Curved display screen and customized user interference. Which gives a fresh look to this old mobile. Due to its curved display, readability in day time under sunlight slightly increased.

And when it comes to battery life, Nokia lovers always love Nokia mobile due to its battery life. Similarly, Nokia 3310 battery time will surprise its customers. Expected battery time of this Nokia mobile is almost one month on standby, and you can talk on call full day.




Nokia Mobile 3310 will be available in four colors Red, Yellow, Blue, and Grey. You can buy this mobile in the feature with the color of your choice.

The great thing about Nokia 3310 cell phone that still Snake game is pre-installed in it. But with having more fun and features. Now you can play Snake game on the color screen of 3310 Nokia.

Another feature that added in 3310 Nokia is, now it’s coming up with a 2 Megapixel back camera. The internal memory of this mobile is only 16 Mega Bytes so you can’t store many pictures in it. But the good news is this mobile is Memory Card supported. So you can insert a memory card in it to use extra storage.

Nokia always launch mobiles which are adorable. Nokia 3310 price is only $42 i hope this mobile phone again going to be favorite mobile phone in 2017.