Pre-Installed Android Virus Found On Different Android Phones:

Android Virus How To Remove Android Virus
Android Virus How To Remove Android Virus



Pre-Installed Android Virus Found On Different Android Phones:

Have you bought a new android phone? Don’t think that it is a clean state.
A commercial malware scanner is used to detect a Pre-installed malware on more than three dozen Android phones.
This is according to a blog post published Friday by Check Point Software Technology, maker of a mobile threat prevention app. These malicious apps were not the part of the ROM but installed after somewhere in the supply chain, before these handsets arrived at the two companies from the manufacturer’s factory.
In this malicious app, most of them were the info stealer which they steal by displaying app. One is the “Loki,” which gains great system privileges on the devices it infects. Other is the “Slacker,” which uses the Tor to conceal the identity of operators or user.

List of Popular Smartphones Infected with Android Virus: 

Here’s the list
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Galaxy Note 5
Samsung Galaxy S4
Galaxy A5
Xiaomi Mi 4i
ZTE x500
Galaxy Note 3
Galaxy Note Edge
Oppo N3
Nexus 5
Galaxy Tab 2
Galaxy Tab S2
Vivo X6 plus
Asus Zenfone 2
OppoR7 plus
Lenovo A850
Xiaomi Redmi
Lenovo S90

The malware offers its operator an unrestricted access to these devices mentioned above, from installing, downloading and activating Android malicious apps, uninstalling security software and disabling the apps to dialing premium phone numbers, deleting user data.
Check Point didn’t disclose the names of companies which owned these infectious phones. Monday, 13/3/2017.

How’s to Remove Android Virus Infection:

It’s hard to get rid of these infections when they are using your device’s ROM and reinstalled.
To remove it from the infected device, either you have to root your mobile, or you can reinstall the phone firmware/ROM via a process called “Flashing.”
Flashing is the complicated process and recommended that users must power off their device and approach a certified technician.

This is not the first when these types of high-end smartphones shipped with these types of malicious apps which can harm the user data directly or indirectly.

In November last year, a hidden backdoor in the Ad Ups firmware of over the 700 Million Android smartphones which covertly send the user data to the Chines server without the user permission and knowledge.

A General Rule For Be Safe From Android Virus:

A general rule, users should avoid dangerous and unknown websites and stop downloading any stuff from there. Also, if a user receives any this kind of devices which already contain this malware will not be able to notice any change in the device’s activity which often occurs once a malware installed.