Samsung Galaxy S8 Restarting Randomly Problem Reported On XDA Forum


Samsung Galaxy S8 Restarting Randomly Problem:

Samsung has recently launched its new flagship mobile Galaxy S8. Which has the strong expectation to well managed and quite good from Note 7 issue. But it seems like ill-fated smartphone’s legacy is still haunting the South Korean manufacturer. 


Samsung Galaxy S8 Restarting Randomly


Initially, the users reported an issue regarding the display screen that has a reddish tint in it but with the new issue, it seems that screen is not the only problem that users are facing.


The new problem that is being reported that the Samsung S8 is restarting randomly. The users are finding a door to knock and ask about the solution of this considerable problem. The interesting and bad news is that no one knows about the solution of this problem.


The users took the company’s official forum and XDA Developers forum to report the issue. A user reported and wrote on a social site that “So I picked up my Galaxy S8 and everything seems to be working well except the phone keeps restarting itself. I’ve had it about 10 hours now and it has already restarted 7 times whole o as using it. It happens when I’m using an app like camera or Samsung Themes and it doesn’t matter of the phone is charging or not. All of a sudden the app freezes, the screen shuts off, and a few seconds later it restarts. Is anyone having the same problem.