The Fastest Car In The World 2017 | Bugatti Chiron Top Speed

The Fastest Car In The World 2017 Bugatti Chiron top speed
The Fastest Car In The World 2017 Bugatti Chiron top speed

 Bugatti Chiron :

Bugatti reveals the NEW CHIRON that could take the title of the fastest car in the world 2017 because Bugatti Chiron top speed is 261 mph. And the Bugatti Veyron is said to be eclipsed by its eagerly anticipated successor. This French car was named Bugatti Chiron in the honor of the legendary race car driver Lewi Chiron.

Due to Bugatti Chiron Top speed of 261 mpg, this car is titled as the fastest car in the world 2017.

The Fastest Car In The World 2017:

Bugatti Chiron is not the first fastest car  revealed by Bugatti, but it’s a car with major upgrades. Bugatti claims that 95% of engine parts are new as compared to the Veyron. Chiron powered with a new quad-turbo 8.0-litre W16 engine. Bugatti Chiron has 1,500 horsepower, 1,180 lb torque, and a top speed of 420 km per hour which means it covers 288 miles in an hour.

The CHIRON goes 0-60 mph real quick (2.3 seconds to be exact). More from Chiron manufacturers that it goes to 120 mph in under 6.5 seconds and 190 mph in under 13.6 seconds. And Bugatti Chiron top speed is 261 mph which is really shocking.

Bugatti Chiron Top Speed:

Veyron having the title of the fastest car in the world 2017 by having top speed record of 261 mph. But Chiron engineers believes that the Bugatti Chiron is faster than the Veyron. The exact Bugatti Chiron top speed not determined yet, But sources claim that Bugatti Chiron will have the top speed of 288 mph. We also become to know that Bugatti Chiron engineers find a way to increase and gain more 12 mph by making some changes in the car. Then, the Bugatti Chiron top speed will be 300 mph which is really impressing.

And technical details concerned so far, Bugatti claims it will be the world’s Fastest car 2017. Also most POWERFUL, most LUXURIOUS and the most EXCLUSIVE SUPER SPORTS CAR in the world.

Some of the specs of the W16 engine with 4 turbochargers are

MAXIMUM POWER 1500 bhp @6700 rpm
TORQUE TARGET 1180lb ft @2000-6000 rpm
PROJECTED Bugatti Chiron TOP SPEED 288 mph
0-60 MPH 2.5 seconds
GEAR BOX 7-speed (dual clutch auto)
TOP SPEED 288 mph

Tires with the front are up and the tires with the back are slightly down to make it a bit pointy.
One Bugatti Chiron costs the same as 142 VOLKSWAGON GOLFS 😉

Umm….. How much you would pay for this???

COST 2.5 million $

Currently, the VEYRON is the world’s fastest street-legal production car selling around 1.5 million $

BUT when this Bugatti Chiron comes out, it’s gonna blow everything up to the water.