Top Updates Android Announced In MWC 2017

Updates Android Announced AT MWC
Top Updates Android Announced AT MWC 2017

Top Updates Android Announced In MWC 2017:


Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Organized every year. For announcing the updates and features in upcoming or current running Android phones. In 2017, There are top 5 updates included in future Android smartphones.
When the times comes to made any changes in technology, Increasing the security is always preferred by customers as well as the producer.

Bio-metric Locking System Updates In Android.


So the first change that is coming in the Android phone in 2017 is, A small ” Bio-metric “ finger-print unlocking system. Which encrypts your device and stored data and no one can decrypt until you use your fingerprints to decrypt it.

According to a report, many of Android users have already worried about the security of their mobile phone. Because current security methods using in android phones like Pattern Lock, Pin Code Lock, etc., are not much secure. It can be easily breakable and can also crack by using many different ways.

Providing a secure method for encrypting their mobile phone and critical data. Android mobile makers are going to make this positive change in Android phone. Bio-metric system is a reliable security system which cannot be breakable or crack-able.

Affordable Android Smartphones Also Comes With Security Updates In Android:

Android users are growing very fast day by day, providing the all important features to everyone who is using an expensive smartphone or the cheaper phone. Android community takes a step ahead.

In Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Motorola’s Moto G5 Plus announced which is a cheaper phone. But still it’s coming up with lots of capabilities, and also finger-print unlocking system included in it. The thing that we have to see that an average range smartphones now have all the necessary features like an expensive phone LG G6 have.

The Most Important Aspect Updates Android:

The most important aspect that is seeking Android developers attention to make changing in it is Android’s interface. Android’s interface is almost  the same as  announced at MWC 2013. But this year some Android developers made some small changing in Android interface.

LG G6 is one of them who have replaced old settings menu by rearranging it. Also the “App drawer” button is hide. Similarly, the Huawei’s P10 replaced the Back button and recent apps button with placing a navigation button on the bottom-center of the screen.