Whatsapp Update Now Allowing Users To Share a File Of Any Format

Whatsapp Update- allowing users to share a file of any format
Whatsapp Update- allowing users to share a file of any format

Nowadays WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app owned by the Facebook owner. The app is getting continuous updates which are improving its overall messaging experience. Previous WhatsApp update allowed us to have an experience of snap chat like features, which allowed us to add a status in our profile. Now a new Whatsapp update is adding up something more interesting that we all will love.

The new Whatsapp update will allow us to share all type of files having any format.

WhatsApp Update Allowing Users To Share a File Of Any Format:

Before this Whatsapp new update, users can share images, video and audio files on Whatsapp. But this Whatsapp update now allowing users to share a file of any format to their contacts. Users can share a maximum of 100MB file through Whatsapp with Android Mobiles. While on the other hand iPhone Whatsapp users can share a file of 128MB.

Whatsapp this feature can be a cause of spreading malicious file over smartphones. This will be a way for hackers to spread malicious apk files and to be installed in smartphones which can compromise your privacy. However, we hope Whatsapp team will take care of this risk.

Another feature added in Whatsapp update is that Now you can select photos and videos from the Whatsapp’s camera interface. A scroll-able list of photos and videos will be available on camera interface. Which provide you an easy access to your mobile phone gallery.