What The Wikileaks Dump Tells Us: CIA Hacking Tool

What Wikileaks Dump Tell Us
What Wikileaks Dump Tell Us

What The Wikileaks Dump Tells Us:


Wikileaks released thousands of pages of secret CIA’S document.Leaked Dump known as “Vault 7” reveals that CIA can hack into your smartphones, your smart tv or maybe your car.

Wikileaks Dump New Documents:

  • Released more than 8,700 documents.
  • CIA targeted French Parties and Candidates in 2012.
  • Global Covert Hacking Program.
  • Concerned About Lack of oversight.

Wikileaks have told us that CIA can hack our iPhones, our Google Android phone our Smart TVs or perhaps our Cars also.

The thing which is making confusion for me is that,

Before less than one year ago FBI paying Million of Dollars to hackers to hack into the iPhone of shooter If the CIA have already hacked into iPhone so why they are not Sharing the information to the FBI?. One of the think that I consider being really important is the CIA is spying the Americans, spaying our iPhones, spying our Android phones we just don’t know.

Is the CIA have the capability to do this? Asked by the Anchor to an FBI Agent on a talk show.

The answer was: yes, they have this type of technical ability so they can do it or I guess they are doing it too.

Wikileaks Dump Making Headlines Again: 

Wikileaks now making headlines again, but this time the target is CIA. The leaked  Wikileaks Dump documents told us that CIA is using different software that helping them to hack into our Android Phones, iPhones, Smart TVs even our Cars.

The leaked documents revealed that daily use devices such as Mobile Phones, Smart TVs or any other devices connected to the internet could be utilized by CIA anytime to use and record the video or audio conversations.

Maybe you are thinking that different apps are using encryption so your chat conversations can not leaks. But Wikileaks Dump documents point out that messages from your mobile phone can borrow before encryption. Smart TVs around you can also be used as listening devices no matter while it is on or off.

Wikileaks did not say that from where they got the documents, all of which dated from 2013 to 2016.They described this release as the largest ever publication of confidential papers on the agency. A spokesman, from the WikiLeaks, says that the CIA will not give any comment about this Wikileaks Dump document.