Yamaha SCR950 First Ride Review And Bike Details 2017


Yamaha Bikes Launches It’s New Model Of Bike:

A new big bang by Yamaha!

Yamaha is one of the shiniest names in the market of producing super deluxe vehicles. Yamaha amazed its customers yearly on the basis of new pleasing and muscular masterpiece of motorbikes.

As there is a huge list of competitors in the world of motorbikes who are ready to strike Yamaha to pull its name down from the leading name in the list.


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Sharp and smart engineers of Yamaha give their best to beat their challengers with a new Masterpiece of motorbikes contains a high profile of scrambler styling with modern engineering.

Yamaha’s new masterpiece bike titled as Yamaha SCR950.

Yamaha SCR950:

Yamaha is trying to create an enjoyable and cost-effective vehicle which pleased your mood in that manner to just go outside and take a delightful, romantic rides.

Let’s have a look at the qualities of new Yamaha SCR950.


The Yamaha provided a powerful engine inside its new model Yamaha SCR 950. The SCR950 have 8-cubic-inch (942cc) engine is an air-cooled having 4 valves per cylinder. The twin-bore fuel injection technology will let the motorbikes to do not get heat too much. The engine will let you ride the bike through the unpaved roads and powering out of tight corners.


Yamaha’s main focus was on light handling, so the chassis of Yamaha SCR950 designed in this way that, it have all the necessary abilities to provide better performance and light handling.

Yamaha SCR 950 engine have protected because of the double cradle assembly. The front and rear suspension systems are tuned to provide great relaxation and handling while contributing to the machine’s stylish low profile.


The Yamaha line of bikes of “Sports Heritage”, the SCR950 is called “Neo-Retro” styling.
the main change to the SCR comes to the sub-frame. Dished-out, low-slung, steel cradle masterpiece holding a cruiser saddle. There is also a six-inch increment of seat height which is now 32.7 inches.

The narrow seat combined with the SCR’s mid-control makes it easy to stand on the pegs. This is a good thing for the longer rides.

The seat position is upright and comfortable, and it is coupled with a wide-set, dirt-styled handlebar. The tires of this fantastic bike are quite aggressive with 100/90-19TW101 in front and 140/80R17-TW152 in a rear side which looks aggressive off the road and while it also maintains its street ability.

Street Riding With SCR950:

As we get on the streets with this beauty motorbikes, we feel little lightness in it. The bike will feel 80 pounds lighter than the original weight. The 942cc 60-degree air-cooled V-twin is a loveable engine. The SCR950 will comfortably and easily cruise all day at 70mph but it starts to lose steam around 85mph.

On the other hand, the fuel consumption is around 43mpg which is quite good. But interestingly this will give 53mpg if you travel with 70mph. better than Yamaha claims.

Yamaha SCR950 Price:

Yamaha SCR950 price is quite good and high as with $8,699. It is similarly in the line of similarly styled Triumph and Ducati Scrambler motorcycles.